Hannah Simon

Progressive Democrats are on a mission to bust the filibuster

Tré Easton, a former Senate staffer now working with the progressive group Battle Born Collective, said: “After we get past this Covid relief package, there is just a litany of things that have to get done . . . and the biggest impediment to that is going to be the filibuster.”

Historical precedent for Presiding Officer ruling on their own judgment

In the Senate, the power to issue rulings resides in the Presiding Officer, not the Parliamentarian. Indeed, it is in keeping with the tradition of the Senate for the Presiding Officer to use their judgment on questions of Senate procedure. This used to be the unquestioned norm. Even in modern times, as the Vice President began presiding less frequently and the Senate shifted to a model that was more reliant on staff, there is precedent for the Presiding Officer using their own judgment to issue rulings.