Battle Born Collective Statement on the Reintroduction of the Green New Deal and the Introduction of the Citizen Climate Corps Act

Today, Senator Edward Markey and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reintroduced the Green New Deal and introduced the The Civilian Climate Corps Act of 2021. Battle Born Collective released the following statement in response: 

“The only way to address the climate crisis is through bold action that mobilizes our government in the same way we’ve seen for previous existential battles our country has faced. Today’s reintroduction of the Green New Deal resolution does just that. With a record number of cosponsors in Congress, and public support at an all time high, this resolution makes clear what has been apparent for a long time: action cannot wait a moment longer.  

“We are also excited to see the introduction of the Civilian Climate Corps Act. This legislation is a concrete manifestation of the Green New Deal’s stated mission to invest in frontline communities, usher in a just transition from fossil fuels, and create new opportunities for access to good union jobs as part of the fight against climate change. 

“The steps taken today are crucial if this country is to meet the moral imperative this moment demands. We applaud and celebrate the steadfast work of this movement’s organizers and their allies for making it possible.”