Schumer Hits Trouble After Earlier Wins in 50-50 Senate

“I think that he has been dealt a very, very hard hand to play and has done a decent job in navigating that dynamic, but there have been some big moments where Schumer could have been forced to turn on the screws, he did not,” said Tré Easton, a former aide to Sen. Patty Murray (D., Wash.) who is now deputy director for Battle Born Collective, a progressive advocacy organization.

The Filibuster: The Senate’s Glorified Tradition of Obstruction

Another idea is bringing back the Mr. Smith-style talking filibuster […] But that won’t get at the central problem, says Tré Easton, a former staffer for Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington and deputy director of the group Battle Born Collective.

“We’re still going to have a body that’s broken, that does not work,” Easton says. “If you win the most seats, you should be able to govern.”

Frustrated Democrats Call for ‘Reset’ Ahead of Midterm Elections

“There does not seem to be an appreciation for the urgency of the moment,” said Tré Easton, a senior adviser for Battle Born Collective, a progressive group that is pushing for overturning the filibuster to enable Democrats to pass a series of their priorities. “It’s sort of, ‘OK, what comes next?’ Is there something that’s going to happen where voters can say, yes, my life is appreciatively more stable than it was two years ago.”

Statement on Senator Sinema’s Floor Speech

Today, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema reiterated her opposition to filibuster reform, even as the archaic Senate rule obstructs the protection of voting rights that she claims to support. Battle Born Collective Deputy Director Tré Easton released the following statement in response:

The Memo: Biden rolls the dice on voting rights

Tré Easton, the deputy director of Battle Born Collective, a progressive group, told this column that the Tuesday trip from Biden and Harris was “necessary.”

But, Easton said, “I would add that it is a little late in the game around this specific issue. If we had seen this kind of intensity this time a year ago, we would be in a different place in this conversation.”

Chuck Schumer is forcing Democrats to pick a side on the filibuster

Not long ago, changing the filibuster was embraced primarily by the party’s progressive wing. Now, the idea has become mainstream, and Schumer’s plan is emblematic of the shift.

“I think Schumer has always been willing to be where the caucus is,” said Tré Easton, a senior adviser for Battle Born Collective, a group dedicated to advancing progressive policies.

The Squad’s first year in the Biden administration was filled with opportunities – and plenty of challenges

Tré Easton, a senior adviser to the progressive Battle Born Collective, said neither group of progressives could be held to fault for their vote because of the role of Mr Manchin and Ms Sinema.

“But also, the thing that we don’t really talk about is that, as badly as Manchin and Sinema wanted the bipartisan bill to get passed, they were also very willing to let it die and blame progressives for killing it,” he said. “And I think, for progressives who voted for the bipartisan bill, that’s them voting their district, voting their conscience. And for folks who voted against the bipartisan bill, that’s them voting their district, voting their conscience.”

Harry Reid Understood Power

“Former staffer Adam Jentleson, who runs the communications group Battle Born Collective with fellow Reid alum Rebecca Katz, told me that knowing how and when to fight was one of Reid’s biggest advantages in Washington politics. Where other politicians were inclined to avoid conflict and the bad press that could come with it, Reid was willing to take hits to get ahead. 
‘To get an advantage strategically, you sometimes have to take hits to take a position that would eventually yield a strategic advantage,’ Jentleson said.