Progressive Groups’ Statement on Senate Parliamentarian Nixing Minimum Wage

Tonight, Battle Born Collective, Justice Democrats, Data For Progress, Sunrise Movement, and New Deal Strategies put out the following statement on the Senate Parliamentarian’s ruling against including a $15 minimum wage increase in budget reconciliation:
“As today’s ruling shows, pursuing legislation through reconciliation has significant limitations. Democrats still have options available to them to ensure that the minimum wage increase is included in the bill, such as overruling the Parliamentarian – and they should use them. But moving forward, Democrats should reject the impulse to use reconciliation again.

“While we applaud Democrats for not allowing Republican obstructionism to hold the majority’s agenda hostage in the Senate and passing much needed legislation with 51 votes, we know there is a better way. Instead of using reconciliation again and putting other key progressive priorities at the mercy of the Parliamentarian, Democrats should bring President Biden’s popular policies—like a $15 minimum wage—straight to the Senate floor under regular order. If Republicans choose to block them, Democrats must abolish the filibuster to pass them. This approach is morally right, and it will deliver bigger, better results that the American people desperately need. It’s that simple.

“Democrats can act, or they can let the filibuster stop them from delivering essential relief to working people across the country. The choice is up to them.”