Response to Pat Toomey’s Partisan Stunts on Federal Reserve Nominees

In response to Sen. Toomey’s attempt to boycott a committee vote on President Biden’s Federal Nominees, Adam Jentleson, Executive Director of Battle Born Collective released the following statement:

“This is pure petulance from Senator Toomey, who has conducted himself in a manner more befitting a partisan hatchet man than a ranking member, pushing dubious opposition research on President Biden’s nominees and throwing everything at the wall. Nothing is sticking, so in desperation, Toomey is now reverting to stunts. 

“To fight inflation, Americans need a fully-staffed Federal Reserve Board. President Biden’s nominees are highly qualified and prepared to bring down inflation. All five deserve to be confirmed quickly. Sadly, instead of helping the Federal Reserve attack soaring costs for families, Toomey is playing partisan games on behalf of narrow special interests.”