Rebecca Kirszner Katz

Rebecca Kirszner Katz founded New Deal Strategies. For two decades, Katz has helped candidates, personalities, campaigns, and causes shape the narrative and tell their story. Katz has worked in all levels of government – from the local to the federal — on political campaigns, and issue-advocacy efforts on behalf of non-profit groups. She has expertise in communications planning and strategy, rapid response, media relations, and message development. Katz is a rare communications specialist who has experience successfully navigating both the daily grind of big city news-cycles and long-form journalism. She has a knack for helping clients mix both the serious and the soft in order to shape public image, develop narratives that drive a positive message, and preempt unflattering stories. Katz has worked in nearly every political setting imaginable, beginning in the House of Representatives, then on presidential campaigns, and then running Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid’s war room, which helped position Democrats to win back the Senate in 2006. In 2019, Katz founded New Deal Strategies, taking a gamble that a consulting firm could survive without taking any corporate clients. It’s paid off – and with clients like Congressman Jamaal Bowman and Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman, Katz has established herself as a go-to communications strategist. Katz has a BA from Clark University and a Master’s in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government, where she has also taught graduate courses on congressional politics.

Adam Jentleson

Adam Jentleson is a veteran of presidential campaigns and served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Senator Harry Reid until Reid retired in 2017. In his capacity with Reid, he was a senior advisor on political, legislative and communications strategy through the fights of the Obama years. He is a go-to source for reporters, activists and Congressional staff, along with members of Congress, for creative approaches to legislative strategy. He has been cited as an authority by every major national American news outlet and several international ones. Described as a “rules whiz” by Huffington Post, his strategies receive extensive public attention and become topics of discussion for senators, and his recommendations are often adopted. A recent plan devised by Jentleson was published by the New York Times and described by CNN on-air as “the Jentleson Plan”; Senator Elizabeth Warren was asked about it in a television interview, while George Stephanopoulos asked Senator Dick Durbin, the second-ranking Democratic Leader, to respond to it on ABC’s “This Week.” In addition to the New York Times, Jentleson’s writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Politico, and GQ. Jentleson is the author of Kill Switch: The Rise of the Modern Senate and the Crippling of American Democracy, which was released in January to rave reviews from the New York Times and the Washington Post and others, and selected as an Editor’s Pick by the New York Times. Jentleson’s work has been cited as influencing the debate over reforming the filibuster in the Senate and motivating Democrats to be aggressive.

Tré Easton

Tré Easton is the Deputy Director at Battle Born Collective. He most recently served as Legislative Assistant to U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) where he advised her on issues relating to the environment, natural resources, LGBTQ+ civil rights, and tribal affairs. Previously, he worked as an advisor for congressional affairs at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) during the Obama-Biden Administration. His work focused on equity issues in the energy sector, nuclear waste disposition policy, and tribal energy development and deployment.

Prior to his service in the Obama-Biden Administration, he worked at a startup PR firm where he oversaw the establishment of the firm’s public affairs portfolio. There, he also sought to increase outreach to notable LGBTQ+ publications such as Out, The Advocate, and Metro Weekly. Tré is a graduate of Wake Forest University where he was very active in university theatre, College Democrats and also served as the university’s first openly LGBTQ+ Student Body President.

Ryan Kearney

Ryan Kearney is the Program Manager at Battle Born Collective. Prior to joining the BBC team, Ryan was the Political Associate with the LGBTQ Victory Fund, where he worked on endorsing, supporting, and building the bench of down-ballot queer leadership. In the pre-COVID era, he spent nearly a year as a Field Organizer with the Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign in Nevada and Colorado, persuading voters, recruiting volunteers, and fighting for delegates on a precinct-by-precinct level. Before that cause, he worked largely in campaign vetting and opposition research on behalf of progressive candidates up and down the ballot, and is excited to resume his old life of yelling about the filibuster and building the coalition for Big Structural Change! Originally hailing from the Chicago suburbs, Ryan graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Communications and minors in Political Science and Film.